Innovative and Superior Quality Coating Solutions

With our 6 production facilities located in 3 different cities, over 800 employees, and 25 years of experience, we operate in national and international markets with our diverse range of coating solutions.

We operate in national and international markets, primarily in the, OEM’s and Tier 1’s, Tier 2’s, as well as in sectors such as spare parts, appliances, electronics, furniture, construction, and machinery, with our fully automated coating lines, sorting machines, and packaging facilities.


We conduct our R&D activities in collaboration with our stakeholders, within the framework of a shared purpose of a sustainable world and future goal.

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Our coating solutions

We provide coating services as an industry leader to various sectors, including OEM’S and Tier 1’s, Tier 2’s, appliances, construction, machinery, furniture, electrical-electronics, and other sectors.

01 Zinc Electroplating Coating
02 Zinc-Nickel Electroplating plating
03 Zinc Phosphate Coating
04 Topcoat Applications
05 Zinc Coating
06 Cleanliness Application
07 Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Application
08 Wet/ Powder paint application
09 Microencapsulated adhesive applications
10 Plastic Patch Application
11 Thread Masking Coating Applications

We are designing the sustainable world of the future with our innovative products and services and conducting our work within this framework.

Norm Coating at a glance
800+ Employees
6 Facilities
3 Cities
90k Facility size (meter square)
200k Annual Production (metric ton)
1.5m Annual Production (meter square)
Norm Coating at a glance We operate in 3 different locations with more than 800 employees and 6 production facilities. MORE DETAILS